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Website update and what is up with me

Hello internet peoples!

I just installed statcounter on this website to check out how people are finding me since I do get some traffic on this mostly stagnant website. Seems most people are coming from, which makes sense since I did post quite a bit on their forums a while back and make some neat projects.

Have not touched Scratch at all for a long time (or any programming really) but it is a fave tool of mine and I will probably use it when Scratch 2.0 is officially out. I know that the beta is out right now but I want to be able to share it with people not in the beta and post it in this blog. It looks really promising and might be able to more commercial quality programs like Tower Defense and Tile Based Platformers. I also re-opened my fiverr gig to make a game in Scratch if you want me to make you something neat.

I am pretty busy with school right now, I am a 4th year business student at York University in Toronto Canada. One thing I am experimenting with is SEO and trying to develop a profitable website for cheap. Mainly using, which is a site that typically gets a lot of hate but if you go though the 99% of gigs that are scams you can find some really high value gigs. I developed for a friend a while ago and it gets pretty decent, targeted traffic and is generally position 2-3 for the search term “cat sitting toronto”. My newest one is and this is mainly an experiment to see if I can rank for a moderately competitive keyword using a specific schedule for ordering fiverr gigs, and a little bit of manual work.

Also! I re-enabled comments but added a captcha to prevent spam. This site is a PageRank 3 now, mainly from my Scratch links I think, and theres lot of dirty “marketing professionals” who want to crap all over it. Hopefully you can expect more updates from me and maybe a cool Scratch 2.0 walk-though in the future. 😉

New and Revamped Website!

Hey internet peoples, Jonathan here and my website is finally presentable! I used Artisteer to create this theme, and will likely be adjusting it changing it entirely in the upcoming days. The webpages were made with WP Portfolio plugin and loving how it looks, for the moment. I started this to be a sort of portfolio site for my Fiverr clients but I will also post guides and news on things like programming and web development. Thanks for visiting my website and come back often for updates!