Release Of My Free WordPress Theme for small businesses

Hey hey everyone!

Today is a special day for my, after much blood sweat and tears, I am proud to release my free WordPress theme, which I call “SmallBizWiz”. Why the name? Well SmallBiz is taken and the theme is made for small businesses, and Wiz rhymes with Biz 🙂



I think we can all agree that kitty placeholders are the best placeholders


This took a little bit longer than I hoped since I have some problems with getting the theme to display its default values for the theme option fields. You can read about my journey into the Options Framework defaults in this thread.

So here are some highlights of the theme!

  • Many easily customizable options for:
    • Logo in the header
    • Social media area in the header
    • Phone number area in the header
    • A field to place contact forms above the fold
    • An area is place a large marketing image above the fold
    • For the home page, 3 editable boxes to show your main business offerings
    • Footer text
    • Separate options for your Pay-Per-Click landing page
  • Different templates for different needs (PPC, HomePage, No Form/Marketing Image)
  • 2 Easy to identify widget areas in the right sidebar and footer
  • Fully responsive, made with Twitter’s Bootstrap
  • Adorable & Practical  default settings
  • The theme recommends some great plugins to make your WP Install better


So don’t be a square, Download the theme today!

Also! Its would be great that if you find any bugs or things that are broken, please tell me! I’ve tested it pretty extensively, but sometimes things slip though the cracks.