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SEO Action Plan For A Small Canadian Business

This is going to be a multi-part tutorial, next post will be out next week.

Having a website is a great way to promote a small Canadian business, but its not something that you can set and forget! So many business owners get a website built, do no internet marketing whatsoever and then say “well I guess it didn’t work”. In the SEO/Internet Marketing industry, we typically say that your rankings will take 3-6 months to come, but once you have those ranks you will continue to get traffic for quite a long time, even without additional marketing. With rising Pay-Per-Click costs, the effectiveness of SEO is becoming much more obvious, but people are usually put off by the 3-6 month wait.

I did a search for “Small Business SEO Plan” and similar terms and most are really general “guides” or SEO companies trying to sell you services. While some of the articles point you in the right direction, you are going to have a hard time if you are not great with computers if you entire SEO execution plan is “4 blogs a month, 1 press release, social media, & guest posting”.  This raises a lot of questions, “What’s a good blog setup?” “What’s an online press release?”, likely you would just pay a company and tell them to do these things for you.

To help out the little guy, I’ve created this step-by-step execution plan for the average business owner. This guide is intended for people who are not too tech savvy, you can always do use Google and research how to do each task, but I’ve provided gigs as alternatives. :


Part 1: The Setup

With the right setup you can have a pretty efficient website going. Here is what you need:

  1. A decent (preferably Canadian) web host
  2. A WordPress based website
  3. A Google Account
  4. Google Analytics installed
  5. Google Webmaster Tools installed

This setup is very common and a lot of times its the first thing an SEO company will do for you.

Since I want this guide to focus on the SEO side of things, I am not going to into a lot of detail on the actual setup.

If you don’t have a web host, I can recommend these ones for Canadian businesses. Any quick web host will be good though, if you page is really slow, it may be time to change.

  • Dave’s Network – Really Cheap @ $3 monthly, this is my web host
  • Host Papa – A more expensive Canadian web host, unlimited everything, great for small businesses
go daddy logo

These guys advertise more than any other host, so a lot of small business go with them. Please avoid them, they charge more and provide worse service.

Now make sure you have a WordPress based website. WordPress is great since it has tons of great free plugins to help with SEO and its probably the easiest content management system to use. Not a techy? No problem, you can have other people do this for cheap, check out these gigs.

Once you have that set up you can install a free theme or order this great gig to get a fully custom WordPress theme.

Now you probably already have a Google Account, even if you don’t know what it is. If you use any Google service, which includes gmail, Youtube, Google+, you have a Google account. If not, making one is as straight forward as it gets.


Need Google Analytics and webmaster tools? If you can’t figure these tasks out from a Google search then fiverr has you covered.


And that wraps up part one of this tutorial. If you’ve followed the steps perfectly, you have laid the foundation for a fantastically marketable internet website.

If you’ve found anything unclear or think I should add more details, please leave me a comment!